Meaning of 周书

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zhōu shū (Trad.: 周書)
History of Zhou of the Northern Dynasties, twelfth of the 24 dynastic histories 二十四史 in 636 during Tang Dynasty, 50 scrolls
Example Sentences
Chapter IV discussed the monosyllabic verb and two-syllable verb in detail about"Yizhoushu"Verbs.
Except the introduction and conclusion, text into four chapters:The first chapter of the book for the verb predicate sentences.
The fourth chapter of the book for other predicate.
The fourteen text from shangshuzhoushu is reliable in ancient , can reflect the characteristics of ancient languages, is the study of ancient language precious corpora.
The Preface of Chou Shu is mainly about the origin of Chou Shu, which serves as an approach to the study of the book.