Meaning of 名

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Total strokes: 6; Radical: ; Structure: 夕 + 口
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 名

Pinyin: míng
English Definition: name; noun (part of speech); place (e.g. among winners); famous; classifier for people
Example Words:
命名 [ mìng míng ]: to give a name to; to dub; to christen; to designate; named after; naming
莫名其妙 [ míng miào ]: unfathomable mystery (idiom); subtle and ineffable; unable to make head or tail of it; boring (e.g. movie)
名誉 [ míng ]: fame; reputation; honor; honorary; emeritus (of retired professor)
名额 [ míng é ]: quota; number of places; place (in an institution, a group etc)
名副其实 [ míng shí ]: not just in name only, but also in reality (idiom)