Meaning of 历史

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(Trad.: 歷史)
history; Classifiers:

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Synonym: 史籍 史册 史书

Antonyms: 现状 梦境 浪漫 理想 空想 幻想 现实

Example Sentences

  • 我们音乐,我们历史
    We have it in music. We have it in history.
  • 这不生活历史想到那样东西已经自我否定
    It is not the history of my life; the knowledge to write that is denied me.
  • 根据历史先例可能发生在后任何时间
    On historical precedent, it could be any time in the next two years.
  • 正是出于这个原因这个历史紧要关头我们不仅再次肯定我们同盟同意深化这种同盟
    That is why, at this critical moment in history, the two of us have not only reaffirmed our alliance — we’ve agreed to deepen it.
  • 我们历史教科书第二次世界大战
    Our history textbooks only go up to the World War Ⅱ.