Meaning of 伴侣

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(Trad.: 伴侶)
companion; mate; partner

Related Words

Synonym: 朋友 同伙 伙伴 同伴

Example Sentences

  • 有些女人认为那些一定毛病明白为什么她们伴侣这些东西
    Some women think that there’s something wrong with them, and that’s why their partner watches porn.
  • 八分之一表示他们伴侣手机时间他们一起时间
    And one in eight people say their partner spends more time on their phone than with them.
  • 伴侣明白/那里得到什么
    Help your partner understand what you want from him or her.
  • 如果我们参加晚会活动如果我们之一一个伴侣那儿我们提前知道一起回家
    And if we go to a party or event and one of our other partners is going to be there, we all know in advance who is going home with whom.
  • 同时意味着伴侣可以变成任何他们自己幻想目标他们不再那个平日学习工作里带假面认识那个
    But that also means that your partner gets to be whoever they want, too, and that may not be the same as the person they masquerade as during their school or work day.