Meaning of 伤

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(Trad.: 傷)
Pinyin: shāng
English Definition: to injure; injury; wound
Total strokes: 6; Radical:
Character Formation:
  • Left to right
    • [ rén ] man, person; people
    • Above to below
      • [ ] strength, power; capability, influence
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 伤
Example Words:
伤心 [ shāng xīn ]: to grieve; to be broken-hearted; to feel deeply hurt
伤害 [ shāng hài ]: to injure; to harm
受伤 [ shòu shāng ]: to sustain injuries; wounded (in an accident etc); harmed
伤脑筋 [ shāng nǎo jīn ]: to be a real headache; to find sth a real headache; to beat one's brains
损伤 [ sǔn shāng ]: to harm; to damage; to injure; impairment; loss; disability
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