Meaning of 么

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(Trad.: 麼)
Total strokes: 3; Radical: 丿
Character Formation:
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 么
  • Pinyin:

    English Definition: exclamatory final particle
  • Pinyin: ma

    English Definition: interrogative final particle
  • Pinyin: me

    English Definition: suffix, used to form interrogative 什么 , what?, indefinite 这么 thus, etc
    Example Words:
    什么 [ shén me ]: what?; something; anything
    怎么 [ zěn me ]: how?; what?; why?
    怎么样 [ zěn me yàng ]: how?; how about?; how was it?; how are things?
    为什么 [ wèi shén me ]: why?; for what reason?
    多么 [ duō me ]: how (wonderful etc); what (a great idea etc); however (difficult it may be etc); (in interrogative sentences) how (much etc); to what extent
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Example Sentences