Meaning of 主动

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(Trad.: 主動)
to take the initiative; to do sth of one's own accord; spontaneous; active; opposite: passive 被动 ; drive (of gears and shafts etc)

Related Words

Synonym: 自动

Antonyms: 被动

Example Sentences

  • 工作主动
    He displays great initiative in his work.
  • 只是积极主动工作无论本职工作还是尽力帮助身边
    I just want to be proactive in the things I do: be it my career or helping those around me.
  • 为什么主动一点了解了解他们他们在线联系
    Why not be more proactive, learn about them and connect with them online first?
  • 一旦她们明白她们权利什么她们主动要求这些权利得到满足说道
    Once they know what their rights are, they can be more proactive in demanding that these rights are met, " she says.
  • 这个句子形式被动,意思主动
    This sentence is passive in form but active in sense.