Meaning of 中国人民银行

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zhōng guó rén mín yín háng (Trad.: 中國人民銀行)
People's Bank of China
Example Sentences
Well, today the People's Bank of China raised bank reserve requirements again.
As one high official of the People's Bank of China told me, "We're not going to be crazy like the Japanese.
Creditors have a key role to play in corporate governance, and in this context the work of the People's Bank of China on regulating and supervising commercial banks is of central importance.
Last week, the People's Bank of China published a report that looked at corruption monitoring and how corrupt officials transfer assets overseas.
Last year the People's Bank (nasdaq: PBCT - news - people ) of China toughened the requirements for non-first-home mortgages, punishing speculators and the builders who were selling to them.