Meaning of 东

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(Trad.: 東)
Pinyin: dōng
English Definition: east; host (i.e. sitting on east side of guest); landlord
Chinese Definition:

Antonyms: 西
Total strokes: 5; Radical:
Pictographic: Simplified form of 東, the sun 日 rising behind a tree 木
Character Formation:
  • Overlaid
    • seven
    • small, tiny, insignificant
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 东
Example Words:
东张西望 [ dōng zhāng wàng ]: to look in all directions (idiom); to glance around
东道主 [ dōng dào zhǔ ]: host; official host (e.g. venue for games or a conference)
股东 [ dōng ]: shareholder; stockholder
房东 [ fáng dōng ]: landlord
东西 [ dōng ]: east and west
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