Meaning of 三皇

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sān huáng
the three legendary sovereigns of the third millennium BC: Suiren 燧人 , Fuxi 伏羲 and Shennong 神农 , or 天皇 , 地皇 and 人皇
Example Sentences
If thats the case I guess I better make sure my 360 still works.
Many Chinese believe that tea was discovered by the mythical emperor Shennong, inventor of Chinese medicine and of farming.
When it came to the age of the Three Emperors, the situation got even worse.
Gong Gong clan was one of the best known clans in the ancient history. Its stories were told from the times of The Three Emperors to Yu and Xia Dynasties.
Subsequently, Suirenshi, one of the 3 Emperors, buried in Shangqiu and worshipped by the later generations.