Books written by "Fu Jin"

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One Needle One Treatment
ISBN: 7119044419 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 07/2006
This illustrated manual explains how to treat 30 common ailments with the help of one needle only. It is a must for professionals in search of some...
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Code-switching as Social Practice: a Systemic Functional Approach to the Chinese/English Code-switching in Chinese Newspapers
ISBN: 9787306040749 | Publisher: Zhongshan University Press | Published on 09/2013

Changing Boundaries and Reshaping Itineraries in Asian American Literary Studies
ISBN: 9787310046522 | Publisher: Nankai University Press | Published on 11/2014

Chinese for Economics and Trade (I) - Exercise Book
ISBN: 9787561924105 | Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 09/2009
This is the accompanying exercise book of Chinese for Economics and Trade. The corresponding exercises go with each part of the lesson. There are...

Explanation of The Practical Chart of Scalp Acupuncture Point Line
ISBN: 7117045329 | Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House | Published on 01/2002

Short-term Intensive Chinese 3
ISBN: 7510093872, 9787510093876 | Publisher: World Publishing Corporation | Published on 04/2015

Selected Ancient Chinese Paintings: Flowers and Birds Painting Album I (Jin Nong [Qing Dynasty])
ISBN: 7514906967, 9787514906967 | Publisher: China Bookstore Publishing House | Published on 01/2013

Stories of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture (in Chinese & English)
ISBN: 9787572711152 | Publisher: Sichuan Science and Technology Press | Published on 08/2023

50 Topics on British Society and Culture
ISBN: 9787119056005 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 05/2009
This book aims to give readers an overview of different aspects of British culture and situations in which they as a Chinese student might find...

A Practical Chinese Writing Course for Foreigners
ISBN: 9787301149447 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 02/2009
本教程分上、下两船,可供一个学年之用。   本册分五个单元,包括汉语写作基本知识、应用文、记叙文、说明文、议论文等部分,从介绍汉语写作的基本知识着手,进而分类讲解各类文章的写作要点。  ...