Books written by "Chen Hui"

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A Compendium of the Usage of Complex Chinese Words
ISBN: 9787802006485 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press | Published on 06/2011
This book explains how to properly use the words thatfrequently puzzle learners of Chinese.It contains 101 entries on the most commonly misusedwords,...

Learning 100 Chinese Radicals (2nd Edition) (2 books)
ISBN: 9787301307649 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 01/2020
Learning 100 Chinese Radicals (Second Edition) is a textbook specifically designed for nonnative learners of Chinese, which systematically...

Chinesisch Oberstufe Textbuch
ISBN: 9787513808682 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press | Published on 01/2015