Meaning of 北边

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běi biān (Trad.: 北邊)
north; north side; northern part; to the north of
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Antonyms: 南边 南方
Example Sentences
I'll bet we could find some at North Creek - in the mine.
One evening, after finishing at the catering company where I worked, I met a girlfriend in a pub in Aalbaek, a tiny fishing village in the north of Denmark, a few miles from where I live.
All I knew about the country was that there was an evil warlord to the north and that the TV show "M*A*S*H" had been set there.
I do not know the address, but it's two block north of the sheraton hotel.
The group rented a van in Jackson Hole and drove to Teton Village, and then north to Yellowstone National Park.