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Tibetan Stories - Series of Basic Information of Tibet of China

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Author: Zhang Xiaoming;
Language: English
Format: 1 book
Page: 129
Publication Date: 12/2004
ISBN: 7801139143


Many in the world are talking about Tibet, their dixcussions concertrated mainly on human rights, culture, Tibetan Buddhism, landscape and folklore. But very few have been to Tibet. And, although they hold their own firm views, the fact is that they lack real understanding of the region.

In this book is a picture of Tibet which might be quite different from that within the current understanding of our readers. However, it is a real Tibet. I am able to paint the real picture because I worked there for about 10 years. Although I am working in Beijing, my job requires me to go back there at least once a year, and I want to tell you what I have seen.

Table of Contents

Preface:Here Is a Real Tibet
Qinghai-Tebet Plateau and Tibetan Race
History and Facts
Tibetan Buddhism and Temporal and Religious Administration
Democratic Reform and Self-Government in Tibet
Reform Program Enjoys Popularity
Between Tradition and Modernization

Tibetan Stories - Series of Basic Information of Tibet of China