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Online Simplified/Traditional Chinese Input System

Online Chinese Input System is a browser based Chinese input method editor (IME). With this powerful tool, you can type Simplified / Traditional Chinese characters anywhere in the world with no need to install Chinese input software. Try our new Online Chinese Handwriting Input Tool to input Chinese characters with your mouse.
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Input Traditional Chinese Input English Only(Ctrl) 全形字符(F12) 自动上字         Use "PageUp"/"PageDown" for more candidates
How to use this input system :
  • Input Pinyin character in the left text box, the pinyin you input will appear in the right-upper box. In the right-lower box, the tool will propose a list of Chinese character corresponding to the pinyin.
  • If the first character proposed is the one you intend to write, just press the "space" bar. The character will be displayed in the left box
  • If the character you want is the 2nd, 3rd, ... just press the corresponding key (1), (2) of your keyboard. The character will be displayed in the left text box
  • If the list of character exceed 10, then use the key "Page Down" "Page Up" on your keyboard.
  • To swith between Traditional and Simplified Chinese mode, just check / uncheck the checkbox before "Input Traditional Chinese"
  • v is used as an alias for ü. For example, typing "nv" into the input method would bring up the candidate list for pinyin: nǚ.
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