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Lv's commentaries of History

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Language: English
Format: Papercover
Page: 367
Publication Date: 07/2010
ISBN: 9787119060088


The book Lv's Commentaries of History was compiled by Lv Buwei, the Prime Minister of the state of Qin, near the end of the Warring States Period(475-221 B.C.), a period of chaotic wars between rival states. As the state of Qin was growing increasingly more powerful and had won many victorious battles against other states, it became clear that the whole country was about to be unified under the Qin empire. The purpose of compiling the book was to provide a guide to goverment for the future Qin ruler. It was a period when the Confucian, Taoist, Moist and Legalist schools of thought prevailed. But instead of following any paticular school of thought, Lv adopted what was useful and rejected what was harmful from the various schools of thought.

Table of Contents

Part One Records
I´╝ÄRecords of Early Spring
Early Spring
The Foundation of Life
Attaching Importance to Self
Attaching Importance to Impartiality
Doing Away with Selfishness

II´╝ÄRecords of Mid-Sprig
Valuing Life
Dyeing Properly

III´╝ÄRecords of Late spring
Late Spring
Completing the Natural Span of Life
Beginning with Self
Judging a Person
The Circular Way

IV´╝ÄRecords of Early Summer
Early Summer
Encouraging Learning
Respecting the Teacher
Misleading Students
Relying on the Multitude

V´╝ÄRecords of Mid´╝ÄSummer
Great Music
Extravagant Music
Harmonious Music
Ancient Music

VI´╝ÄRecords of Late Summer
Late Summer
Musical Pitches
The Origin of Music
Composing Music
Knowing the Reason

VII´╝ÄRecords of Early Autumn
Early Autumn
Fighting Wars
Clearing Away Confusion
Preventing Blockage
Possessing a Loving Heart

ÔůąII´╝ÄRecords of Mid-Autumn
On Power
Choosing the Best
Deciding Victory
Loving the People

IX´╝ÄRecords of Late Autumn
Late Autumn
Complying with the Will of the People
Knowing the Scholars
Examining Oneself
Communion of Vital Energy

X´╝ÄRecords of Early Winter
Early Winter
Preventing Funeral Excesses
Giving Peace to the Dead
Different Treasures
Difference in the use of Things

XI´╝ÄRecords of Mid´╝ÄWinter
The Utmost Loyalty
Loyalty and Selflessness
Conforming to the Actual Situation
To Be Farsighted

XII´╝ÄRecords of Late Winter
Late Winter
The Integrity of Scholars
The Deepest Sincerity

Part Two View$
I´╝ÄViews on the Beginning
The Beginning
Communion Between the Same Kind
Freeing Oneself from Bias
Listening to Opinions
Listening Carefully
Attending to the Basics
Aiming High

II´╝ÄViews on Filial Piety
Filial Piety
Original Flavors
Biding One's Time
Giving Fair Reward
To Be Successful
Importance of Human Factors
Meeting the Right Person
Relying on Oneself

III´╝ÄViews on Caution Against Greatness
Caution Against Greatness
Weighing the Advantages
Courtesy Toward Virtue and Learning
Smooth Persuasion
Never Relaxing One's Own Efforts
The Importance of Objective Conditions
Studying the Present

IV´╝ÄViews on Foresight
Surveying the World
The Reach of Intelligence
Enjoying Success
Studying Detail
Rooting Out Bias
V´╝ÄViews on Division of D
VI´╝ÄViews on Careful Response
VII´╝ÄViews on Rising Above the Worldly
III´╝ÄViews on Being a Ruler
Part There Comments
I´╝ÄComments on the Beginning Spring
II´╝ÄComments on Cautious Conduct
III´╝ÄComments on Valuing Forthright Words
IV´╝ÄComments on Discretion
V´╝ÄComments on Being Seemingly Right
VI´╝ÄComments on a Scholar's Style

Sample Pages Preview

Philistine rulers who did not control their sentiments appropriately perished in rapid succession´╝ÄBecause the desires of meir ears´╝îeyes and mouth could not be satisfied´╝îtheir bodies sweued´╝îtheir muscles hardened´╝Ätheir blood circulat´╝Äion was blocked and their nine openingsÔÇŁwere depleted and could not function normally´╝ÄEven if Peng ZuÔÇťwere alive´╝î he Would have been powerless to save them´╝ÄWith regard to material thines´╝îthe philistine rulers always sought after things that could not be obtained and nursed desires that could not be satisfied´╝ÄIn doing so´╝îthey totally destroyed the foundation of hfe´╝Äcaused people to become dissatisfied and complain´╝îand made formidable enemies´╝ÄThey were willful´╝î changeable and constanty wavering´╝Ťthey flaunted their powers´╝îplayed tricks and were crafty at heart´╝Ťthey were slow in practising virtue and rigteousness and quick in doing evil and seeking selfish gains´╝ÄEven though they became remorseful when they found themselves in a woeful predicament´╝îit was too late´╝ÄThey were close to the ctafty ones and alienated themselves from those who were upright´╝îand thus brought their countries to a dangerous situation´╝ÄWhen they became remorseful of t11eir past mistakes´╝Äthere was already no way to save them´╝ÄThey became alarmed when they were told about she situation´╝îbut still did not know what had caused it´╝Ä

Lv's commentaries of History