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Learn Chinese through English

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Language: Chinese, English
Format: Papercover
Page: 247
Publication Date: 07/2009
ISBN: 9787561770030,7561770030

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The first day of the first monthin the Chinese lunar calendar´╝łLateJanuary´╝îearly February in theGregorian calendar´╝ë´╝ÄThe C´╝Ühinesecelebrate it with the lion and dragondance´╝îand they eat dumplings andglutinous rice cake´╝Ä
The 15th of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar´╝ÄThe Chinese celebrate it bywatchinglanterns and eating glutinous rice balls´╝Ä
The fifth of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar´╝ÄThe Chinese pay attributes to their ancestors'tombs and eat glutinous rice balls with green color´╝Ä
The fifth day of the fifth month inthe Chinese lunar calendar´╝ÄThe Chinese have dragon boat races and eat rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves┬Ě
The 15moftheeighthmonthinthe Chinese lunar calendar´╝ÄThe Chinese will hold activities,like watching the full moon and eating the moon cake´╝Ä
The ninth ofthe ninth month in the Chinese lunar calendar´╝ÄPeople climb mountains and eat cakes specially made for this day´╝Ä
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