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Traditional and Classical Chinese Health Cultivation: Xing Bu Gong (Qigong Exercise in Walking) (with video)
ISBN: 9787547860328 | Published on 01/2023 | Series: Traditional and Classical Chinese Health Cultivation
This series introduces eight kinds of simple and practical traditional health maintenance exercises, especially focusing on the traditional and...

Shanghai Manual 2022 Annual Report - A Guide to Sustainable Urban Development in the 21st Century
ISBN: 9787547859407 | Published on 01/2023

Selected Speeches of 2021 World Cities Day Events 2021
ISBN: 9787547859391 | Published on 01/2023

Histroy, Present and Prosepct of World Traditional Medicine
ISBN: 9787547858394 | Published on 10/2022

Chinese-English Dictionary of Common Terms in Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic)
ISBN: 9787547858349 | Published on 09/2022

Key Technologies for Tunnel Construction Under Complex Geological and Environmental Conditions: Three-Dimensional Exploration Technology of Tunnel Geology
ISBN: 9787547839508 | Published on 01/2022
This book comprehensively introduces the new theories, new methods and new technologies of current tunnel complex geological and geophysical...

Electrical and Electronic Circuits
ISBN: 9787547831748 | Published on 08/2016

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