Sample Sentence for 鼓

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I savored it then; only in retrospect do I realize how sentimental and propagandizing its language was.
Up in our room, she had written Matthew' s name out in seven different types of penmanship, folded the paper furtively, tucked it into her mouth, and nestled it in the pouch of her cheek.
Today children are constantly encouraged to grow up faster, as if this period known as childhood is a burdensome stage, to be endured and ushered through, as swiftly as possible.
Do good, except in very particular about the other side, fathom, sometimes I will arouse some boss asked me, will persuade them a thousand money is how easy it is, this is called brainwashing.
We also encourage them to participate in the service of others - both within the school community, and out in the Ruicheng community.
Today, our dreams come true! The arrival of English Festival makes everybody in Xinge School happy and inspired.
The dark facts are that he has not lived in Westport or had a dog for years.
In fact, students are guided by teachers very well when raising the questions, and are encouraged to solve problems by thinking on their own, eventually becoming the voluntary learners.
Take time to listen to other people. If there are too many discords & not enough harmony in their lives, encourage them to have a brighter outlook.
She sat a little while, and all of a sudden she hears some one coming - a sledge with bells driving up. She hears him coming.
This time, you need to find gongs point is that the possession of the gongs and drums in your heart points!
Yes, very often, we would like the same as the six younger children, there can not find the feeling of gongs point.
In the afternoon, in the small leap and everyone's teacher encouraged, I stepped onto the platform and sang to belong to my own song...
He hung about me for a while, and having screwed up his courage, exclaimed abruptly - 'Nelly, make me decent, I'm going to be good.'
When his boysstart playing bagpipes and snare, he practices with them, whomping a bass.
To make a public declaration of their love and commitment, a man and woman jumped over a broom into matrimony, to the beat of drums.
If you notice your child has a bulging eyeball , it may be due to infection of the sinuses.
He returned with a big smile and a bulging bag. "I wish your dog a good appetite, madam, " he said graciously. "I saved the scraps from all the plates. "
Ready to spend some money? If you have a Taurus date, you'd better have a big pocket book or a rich imagination.
He's absolutely delighted to have scored that goal! See his coach give him the thumbs up!