Sample Sentence for 鼓

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Absolutely everybody. People in this country get ready for the World Cup a couple of months in advance.
There were old people , young people; they beat the drums through the day.
This trend towards dealing with extraterrestrials as near equals, he believes, is encouraging progress for the human race, since it means we are coming out of our planetary cocoon.
But, he laments, now "you have to go out and blow the trumpet and bang the drum in front of your book.
There's a new beast in town and his name is Drum.
Still, for the tens of millions of married couples who just need a little cheerleading--or a detailed diagram--their books may literally be a godsend.
It's being a woman and not being afraid to take charge, even if the same people that saw a man do that and applaud them, think you're a bitch.
It also encourages people to nap at work and recommends awarding "catch-up days," particularly to those with young children.
However, the procrastinator can be motivated to do difficult, timely and important tasks, as long as these tasks are a way of not doing something more important.
The President was very open and encouraging of his senior staff and cabinet to disagree with the way he was going.
For a friend, so let me accompany you all beer and skittles, let me show you ever happy, your smile is give my best to encourage!
A man was in his front yard mowing grass when his pretty blonde neighbor came out of the house and went straight to the mailbox. She opened it then slammed it shut and stormed back into the house.
Because of your rage against me and your arrogance that I have heard of, I will put my hook in your nose and my bridle in your mouth, and I will turn you back on the way by which you came.
Though your outlook is extremely encouraging, something in your world seems to be getting a little silly.
Take time to listen to other people. If there are too many discords & not enough harmony in their lives, encourage them to have a brighter outlook.
He really thought this was true, and Wendy, who was now in her night-gown, believed it also, and she said, to encourage Michael, "That medicine you sometimes take, father, is much nastier, isn't it?
Instead, his pessimistic words gave my family no reason to believe that I would ever again be a productive member of society.
Shaman tambourines - practically everybody has ever heard about them but not everybody has seen them!
2:I've been going with Susan for three years and I'm crazy about her! For six months I've been trying to work up the nerve to ask her to marry me, but I'm afraid all she'll do is laugh.
Zhou Gongjin experience tells us: encounters and their match, to be patient, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.