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An Illustrated Guide to Chinese Medicine (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787117286596 | Published on 03/2020
The wise and industrious Chinese ancestors invented magnificent sciences and technologies, resulting in the forward movement of human progress and...

The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine: Chronic Gastritis&Irritable Bowel Syndrome
ISBN: 9787117106375 | Published on 10/2008

The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine: Gout & Rheumatoid Arthritis
ISBN: 9787117094856 | Published on 12/2008 | Series: The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine

Diet Therapy with Mugwort in 101 Recipes
ISBN: 9787117297011 | Published on 05/2020

Mugwort Leaf: Over 100 Practical Formulas
ISBN: 9787117297028 | Published on 05/2020

Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal Injury (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787117102025 | Published on 07/2008
The book introduces the etiology and pathogenesis, diagnostic highlights, syndrome differentiation and treatment, selection of acupuncture points and...
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English Textbook Series of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine: Chinese Medicinal Formulas
ISBN: 9787117294805 | Published on 10/2020 | Series: English Textbook Series of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Applications of Chinese Herbal Compatibility
ISBN: 9787117092081 | Published on 07/2008
Contains more than 120 compatible herb groups in combination with Function, Application and Compatibility Analysis. This title includes case...

Clinical Applications of Eight Essential Classical Formulas
ISBN: 9787117092050 | Published on 07/2008 | Reviews:
This great clinical textbook enumerates a concise number of essential formulas which are highly effective in clinic and demonstrates not only the...

Tuberculosis Control in Migrating Populaton
ISBN: 9787117298384 | Published on 03/2020

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