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Acupuncture and Moxibustion (3rd Edition)
ISBN: 9787117310871 | Published on 07/2021

Acupuncture and Moxibustion For Herpes Zoster
ISBN: 7117128445 | Published on 07/2010 | Reviews:
This book is part of an extensive clinical series for Chinese clinical practitioners. It includes detailed Chinese medical differentiation methods...

Acupuncture and Moxibustion for Knee Osteoarthritis
ISBN: 9787117139731 | Published on 04/2011

Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal Injury (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787117102025 | Published on 07/2008
The book introduces the etiology and pathogenesis, diagnostic highlights, syndrome differentiation and treatment, selection of acupuncture points and...
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Allergic Rhinitis Help From Chinese Medicine
ISBN: 711711617X | Published on 07/2010
This clear and thorough book, designedespecially for those with Allergic Rhinitis,introduces the basics of Chinese medicine,describes treatment...
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Allergic Rhinitis: Help From Chinese Medicine
ISBN: 711711617X | Published on 07/2010
Editor's Recommendation 《中医科普系列·过敏性鼻炎》: Clear explanations of the basics of Chinese medical theory Step-by-step guide to what is involved...
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An English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Occupational Health
ISBN: 9787117260701 | Published on 09/2018

An Illustrated Guide to Chinese Medicine (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787117286596 | Published on 03/2020
The wise and industrious Chinese ancestors invented magnificent sciences and technologies, resulting in the forward movement of human progress and...

An Illustrated Guide to Health Cultivation with Tibetan Medicine
ISBN: 9787117091015 | Published on 04/2008
Features: full of ancient and anagogic culture of Tibetan medicine vivid & interesting wall charts, Tangka, mural painting explains life, birth,...

An Illustrated Manual of the Commonly Used Chinese Materia Medica (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787117268387 | Published on 11/2018

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