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Beautiful China Picturebook: Tiddler's Spring
ISBN: 9787107261442 | Published on 04/2013 | Series: Beautiful China Picturebook

Learn Chinese with Me Vol 2: Teacher's Book
ISBN: 9787107175442 | Published on 08/2004 | Series: LEARN CHINESE WITH ME
Learn Chinese with Me is a set of textbooks designed especially for high school students. During high school students develop from adolescence to...

Test Syllabus Interpretation for International Chinese Language Teacher Certificate
ISBN: 9787107307720 | Published on 09/2015

HSK Test Syllabus (2015) Level 4
ISBN: 9787107304217 | Published on 09/2015 | Series: HSK Test Syllabus (2015)

Sing Along Learn Mandarin (Ages 5-6) (2 vols)
ISBN: 9787107231063 | Series: Sing Along Learn Mandarin
Sing Along: Learn Mandarin is a set of international Mandarin Chinese teaching materials designed to promote Chinese education through the use of...

Chinese in Hand - Daily Chinese (with 1 CD)
ISBN: 9787107258473 | Published on 08/2013 | Series: Chinese in Hand
《中文在手》系列丛书包括“ 基础篇”“ 生活篇”“ 旅游篇”“交通篇”4...

Mastering Chinese: Reading and Writing vol 5 (with CD)
ISBN: 9787107328770 | Published on 09/2018 | Series: Mastering Chinese

Learn Chinese with Me (2nd Edition) Vol 3: Teacher's Book
ISBN: 9787107312977 | Published on 11/2016 | Series: Learn Chinese with Me (2nd Edition)

Happy Chinese: Wall Charts
ISBN: 9787107174001 | Published on 11/2013 | Series: Happy Chinese
《快乐汉语》是中国国家汉办的一套重点汉语教材,使用对象是海外11-16岁中小学生,曾被国家汉办评为“2006年度最受欢迎的国际汉语教材” 、“2010年优秀国际汉语教材奖”。  ...

Happy Chinese (Kuaile Hanyu) 2 Russian Edition (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 9787107287329 | Published on 09/2014 | Series: Happy Chinese (Russian 2nd Edition)

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Founded in 1950, the People's Education Press (PEP) is a specialized publishing house directly under the leadership of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. It undertakes overall tasks of researching, compiling, publishing, and distributing teaching materials for elementary education, and various other textbooks and educational books.