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"Teaching with Ms. Gan: A Guide and Resource Book for Chinese Language Teachers"
ISBN: 9787521309522 | Published on 01/2001
The first part of the book provides 41 interesting and practical teaching activities around the key and difficult language elements such as pinyin,...
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Selling Water to the River - H. K. Chang Speaks (Chinese-English Edition)
ISBN: 9787513596138 | Published on 01/2001
This book selects 25 speeches delivered in English by Professor Chang. These speeches mainly focus on the three aspects of cultural issues, education...

History of Zen in China (English-Chinese Edition)
ISBN: 9787513584791 | Published on 01/2001 | Series: Bilingual Classics of Liberal Arts
Zen Buddhism developed in China some fifteen hundred years ago, with Bodhidarma or Daruma being the First Patriarch, and became the dominant form of...

New Economic Engine - Effective Government and Efficient Market
ISBN: 9787521312294 | Published on 01/2001 | Series: Bilingual Classics of Liberal Arts
There are at least three main highlights in New Economic Engine: Effective Government and Efficient Market: breaking through the limitations of the...

Tao, Nature and Man
ISBN: 9787513597692 | Published on 01/2001 | Series: Bilingual Classics of Liberal Arts
The book Tao, Nature and Man selected four most valuable English theses of Mr. Jin Yuelin on philosophy and logic, which can best reflect his...

A Chinese-English Dictionary (3rd Edition)
ISBN: 9787560084435 | Published on 01/2001
For English teachers, translators, college students and advanced learners over 100,000 entries. Detailed definitions for terms of Chinese cultural...

A Modern English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary
ISBN: 9787560050577 | Published on 01/2001
For college students and advanced learners Over 38,000 entries in English-Chinese part, with both British and American spellings and pronunciations....

Economic Reform and Development the Chinese Way (English edition)
ISBN: 9787513500890 | Published on 01/2001
For students and researchers interested in modern Chinese economy; Consists of 16 papers written by the Chinese economist Li Yining, reflecting the...
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Cultural Relics of the Yan Garden
ISBN: 9787513572347 | Published on 01/2001
This is the first book that has comprehensively introduced the cultural relics of the Yan Garden and its ancient buildings. During the Ming and Qing...

Chinese Plants Affecting the World
Published on 01/2001
This book is an original hardcover album on the theme of Chinese plants. The material of it comes from the documentary of the same title Chinese...

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