Meaning of 踪影

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zōng yǐng (Trad.: 蹤影)
trace; vestige; presence
Example Sentences
People kept saying they'd seen my son, but by the time I'd get there, he'd have disappeared.
And now that she is vanished to her rest, and I have meditated for another hour or two, I shall summon courage to go, also, in spite of aching laziness of head and limbs.
Wildlife was also elusive: I spotted a water buffalo, a couple of goats, several egrets and kingfishers but not one - in the fabled Land of a Million Elephants - elephant.
When Deborah returned home later that afternoon, she found Clive's bed empty and no sign of him in the apartment.
They move around the forests - you see them one day and the next day you go back to talk to them and they are not there.