Meaning of 要强

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(Trad.: 要強)
eager to excel; eager to get ahead in life; strong-minded

Example Sentences

  • 即便至少从中东西什么要强
    Even if you get it wrong you’ve learned something, which is better than doing nothing.
  • 不要期望他们要强多少
    Don’t expect them to be better than you.
  • 同事说说花钱但是看来动手交易要强
    They say talk is cheap, but in my case, it's much better to be talking than trading.
  • 但是头部要强所以不妨尝试方法方法有助于看到结果
    However the aura is stronger (larger) around your head, so you can try both ways and see witch one gives you better results.
  • 如果数字判断2010小型公司来说一年可能2009要强
    If you use them to judge 2010, it was probably a better year for small businesses than 2009.