Meaning of 汉源

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hàn yuán (Trad.: 漢源)
Hanyuan county in Ya'an 雅安 , Sichuan
Example Sentences
Luobogang Slope is at the new site within Hanyuan County, Sichuan Province.
Can be seen at the time, Chinese prickly ash as a tribute dedicated source of local officials and the court had.
Rescuers searched for 21 people missing after a landslide in Hanyuan County in China's southern province of Sichuan on Tuesday morning, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.
Xanthoxylin was extracted from Zanthoxylum Bungeanum Maxim of Sichuan Hanyuan using absolute ethyl alcohol, ether, acetone and water as solvent.
In this paper, primary characteristics of intensity anomaly of Hanyuan town are summarized, and possible reasons of its intensity anomaly are analyzed.