Meaning of 投影

Use your mouse
to draw a Chinese
character here
tóu yǐng
to project; a projection
Example Sentences
Both messages and data schemas must be based on the data model - the message schemas being projections of one or more data schemas.
Another feature of the new Street View maps is a configuration menu which allows you to customize settings like image sharpness, brightness, quality, and projection or the curved effect.
Shadows create volume. That' s how photographers describe threedimensionality, the sense of seeing an image as an object in space, not projected on a flat surface.
The child part inside you had no understanding of your own karmic contribution to the darkness and projected the evil outside of itself.
On top of this, the templating layer is built like a functional language, which allows you to compose pages with one other (using folds and projections) in a simple and concise fashion.