Meaning of 徐志摩

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Xu Zhimo (1897-1931), writer and poet
Example Sentences
If caring for Hsu Chih-mo and his family was love, then maybe I loved him.Out of all the women in his life, I loved him the most.
It confuses me, this question, because everyone always tells me that I did so much for Hsu Chih-mo, I must have loved him.
In China, Xu Zhimo is loved not just as a romantic poet: his plain, passionate verse shook up a country grown exhausted and old.
Many are visibly moved, even as the cameras click and flash. Xu' s verses help explain the great prestige Cambridge University enjoys in China, nudging it a notch or two ahead of Oxford.
In book Bound Feet and Western Dress, the author Pang-Mei Natasha Chang is told by her great aunt, "You always ask me if I loved Hsu Chih-mo [her unfaithful husband], and you know I can't answer this.