Meaning of 失衡

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to unbalance; an imbalance

Example Sentences

  • 我们需要修正失衡
    We need to redress that imbalance.
  • 但是中心议题仍然当前难以全球经济失衡到底应该责怪--以及到底如何解决
    But the central issue remains: who is to blame for the unsustainable imbalance in the world economy – and how can it be tackled?
  • 我们健康专家那里知道这种情绪起伏可以导致生理心理失衡
    We know from health experts that these emotional ups and downs can create physical and mental imbalances.
  • 或者失衡感染发生人类身上病症一般
    Or maybe it contained in its heart an imbalance or an infection, as happens to some of us.
  • 亨利·保尔森以下保尔森:观点来看这些失衡相当大一部分源自美国储蓄癖好无论作为一个国家或是个人我们
    Henry Paulson: A big part of the imbalances, in my view, stems from our proclivity here in the United States not to save – as a nation and as individuals, and to borrow too much.