Meaning of 合适

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(Trad.: 合適)
suitable; fitting; appropriate

Related Words

Synonym: 适当 适宜 适合

Antonyms: 不合 不当

Example Sentences

  • 这个女孩是否合适好好
    As to whether she is the right girl for you,you have to rethink.
  • 合适
    Ok, neither this nor that fits me.
  • 这个日期合适?
    Will the date suit you?
  • 对于来说哪个合适方法
    Which is the right way for you to go?
  • 一旦找到合适卡片他们就要面对一个问题卡片一面什么
    Once they find the right card, they are faced with the problem of what to write on the other side.