Meaning of 俩

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(Trad.: 倆)

Total strokes: 9; Radical: ; Structure: 亻 + 两
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Stroke order image for Chinese character 俩

Pinyin: liǎ
English Definition: two (colloquial equivalent of 两个 ); both; some
Chinese Definition:
Example Words:
咱俩 [ zán liǎ ]: the two of us
公母俩 [ gōng liǎ ]: husband and wife
姐妹俩 [ jiě mèi liǎ ]: The Sisters (short story)
一人顶俩 [ rén dǐng liǎ ]: One can do the work of two. (idiom)
仨饱俩倒 [ bǎo liǎ dǎo ]: life of leisure (idiom)