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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1谨慎 謹慎 jǐn shènjin3 shen4cautious; prudent
2严谨 嚴謹 yán jǐnyan2 jin3rigorous; strict; careful; cautious; compact; well-knit
3奉令惟谨 奉令惟謹 fèng lìng wéi jǐnfeng4 ling4 wei2 jin3to obey orders scrupulously (idiom)
4 jǐnjin3cautious; careful; solemnly; sincerely (formal)
5谨订 謹訂 jǐn dìngjin3 ding4would like to invite (epistolary style)
6谨防 謹防 jǐn fángjin3 fang2to guard against; to beware of
7谨防扒手 謹防扒手 jǐn fáng shǒujin3 fang2 pa2 shou3Be on guard against pickpockets!; Beware of thieves!
8谨记 謹記 jǐn jin3 ji4to remember with reverence; to bear in mind; to keep in mind
9谨记在心 謹記在心 jǐn zài xīnjin3 ji4 zai4 xin1to bear in mind (idiom)
10谨启 謹啟 jǐn jin3 qi3to respectfully inform (used at the beginning or end of letters)
11谨上 謹上 jǐn shàngjin3 shang4respectfully yours (in closing a letter)
12谨守 謹守 jǐn shǒujin3 shou3to adhere strictly (to the rules)
13谨颂俪安 謹頌儷安 jǐn sòng ānjin3 song4 li4 an1With my compliments to you and your wife. (idiom) (formal writing)
14谨小慎微 謹小慎微 jǐn xiǎo shèn wēijin3 xiao3 shen4 wei1overcautious (idiom)
15谨严 謹嚴 jǐn yánjin3 yan2meticulous; rigorous
16谨言慎行 謹言慎行 jǐn yán shèn xíngjin3 yan2 shen4 xing2to be discreet in word and deed (idiom)
17拘谨 拘謹 jǐnju1 jin3reserved; overcautious
18勤谨 勤謹 qín jǐnqin2 jin3diligent and painstaking
19维恭维谨 維恭維謹 wéi gōng wéi jǐnwei2 gong1 wei2 jin3sincere and respectful (idiom)
20小心谨慎 小心謹慎 xiǎo xīn jǐn shènxiao3 xin1 jin3 shen4cautious and timid (idiom); prudent; careful
21言行谨慎 言行謹慎 yán xíng jǐn shènyan2 xing2 jin3 shen4to mind one's p's and q's (idiom)

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