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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 zāngzang1dirty; filthy
2肮脏 骯髒 āng zāngang1 zang1dirty; filthy
3开口成脏 開口成髒 kāi kǒu chéng zāngkai1 kou3 cheng2 zang1(Internet slang) to use foul language (pun on 出口成章 )
4满口脏话 滿口髒話 mǎn kǒu zāng huàman3 kou3 zang1 hua4to pour out obscenities; filthy mouthed
5弄脏 弄髒 nòng zāngnong4 zang1to make dirty; to defile; to smear
6泼脏水 潑髒水 zāng shuǐpo1 zang1 shui3(lit.) to splash dirty water; (fig.) to throw mud at; to smear (sb)
7小脏鬼 小髒鬼 xiǎo zāng guǐxiao3 zang1 gui3dirty little devil (affectionate, of child)
8又臭又脏 又臭又髒 yòu chòu yòu zāngyou4 chou4 you4 zang1reeking and squalid (idiom)
9脏辫 髒辮 zāng biànzang1 bian4dreadlocks
10脏病 髒病 zāng bìngzang1 bing4(coll.) venereal disease
11脏弹 髒彈 zāng dànzang1 dan4dirty bomb; dirty bomb
12脏话 髒話 zāng huàzang1 hua4profanity; obscene language; speaking rudely
13脏乱 髒亂 zāng luànzang1 luan4dirty and disordered; in a mess
14脏乱差 髒亂差 zāng luàn chàzang1 luan4 cha4(coll.) squalid; squalor
15脏煤 髒煤 zāng méizang1 mei2dirty coal; muck (from a colliery)
16脏水 髒水 zāng shuǐzang1 shui3dirty water; sewage
17脏土 髒土 zāng zang1 tu3dirty soil; muck; trash
18脏污 髒污 zāng zang1 wu1to dirty; to sully; to stain
19脏兮兮 髒兮兮 zāng zang1 xi1 xi1dirty; filthy
20脏脏 髒髒 zāng zāngzang1 zang1dirty
21脏脏包 髒髒包 zāng zāng bāozang1 zang1 bao1pastry bun filled with chocolate and covered with cocoa powder
22脏字 髒字 zāng zang1 zi4obscenity

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