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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 fu2width; roll; classifier for textiles or pictures
2幅度 fu2 du4width; extent; range; scope
3大幅度 da4 fu2 du4by a wide margin; substantial
4边幅 邊幅 biān bian1 fu2cloth margin; fig. person's appearance; one's dress
5波幅 bo1 fu2amplitude
6不修边幅 不修邊幅 xiū biān bu4 xiu1 bian1 fu2not care about one's appearance (idiom); slovenly in dress and manner
7大幅 da4 fu2a big margin; substantially
8跌幅 diē die1 fu2decline (in value); extent of a drop
9幅射 shèfu2 she4variant of 辐射
10幅员 幅員 yuánfu2 yuan2size (i.e. area) of a country, geographical region or school campus etc; (fig.) scope; extent
11幅员辽阔 幅員遼闊 yuán liáo kuòfu2 yuan2 liao2 kuo4a country with vast territory (idiom)
12广告条幅 廣告條幅 guǎng gào tiáo guang3 gao4 tiao2 fu2banner advertisement
13横幅 橫幅 héng heng2 fu2horizontal scroll; banner; streamer
14横幅标语 橫幅標語 héng biāo heng2 fu2 biao1 yu3slogan banner
15画幅 畫幅 huà hua4 fu2painting; picture; dimension of a painting
16减幅 減幅 jiǎn jian3 fu2amount of reduction; size of discount
17降幅 jiàng jiang4 fu2degree of reduction (in prices, numbers etc); decline; drop
18巨幅 ju4 fu2extremely large (of paintings, photographs etc)
19旗幅 qi2 fu2banner; width of a flag
20升幅 shēng sheng1 fu2extent of an increase; percentage rise
21条幅 條幅 tiáo tiao2 fu2amplitude modulation (AM); size of an adjustment; wall scroll (for painting or calligraphy); banner
22条幅广告 條幅廣告 tiáo guǎng gàotiao2 fu2 guang3 gao4banner advertisement
23增幅 zēng zeng1 fu2growth rate; amplification
24涨跌幅限制 漲跌幅限制 zhǎng diē xiàn zhìzhang3 die1 fu2 xian4 zhi4limit up, limit down; limit on daily price variation
25涨幅 漲幅 zhǎng zhang3 fu2extent of a rise (in prices etc); amount of increase; growth (typically expressed as a percentage)
26振幅 zhèn zhen4 fu2amplitude
27直幅 zhí zhi2 fu2vertical scroll; (advertising) vertical banner

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