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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 tóngtong2copper (chemistry); see also 红铜
2铜鼓 銅鼓 tóng Tong2 gu3bronze drum; (Western-style) drum
3铜丝 銅絲 tóng tong2 si1copper wire
4铜板 銅板 tóng bǎntong2 ban3copper coin; copper plate (e.g. for printing)
5铜翅水雉 銅翅水雉 tóng chì shuǐ zhìtong2 chi4 shui3 zhi4(bird species of China) bronze-winged jacana (Metopidius indicus)
6铜川 銅川 tóng chuānTong2 chuan1Tongchuan prefecture level city in Shaanxi
7铜川市 銅川市 tóng chuān shìTong2 chuan1 Shi4Tongchuan prefecture level city in Shaanxi
8铜锤 銅錘 tóng chuítong2 chui2mace (weapon); see 铜锤花脸
9铜锤花脸 銅錘花臉 tóng chuí huā liǎntong2 chui2 hua1 lian3(Chinese opera) tongchui hualian, a military character holding a bronze mace, classified as a jing role
10铜鼓县 銅鼓縣 tóng xiànTong2 gu3 xian4Tonggu county in Yichun 宜春 , Jiangxi
11铜官山 銅官山 tóng guān shānTong2 guan1 shan1Tongguanshan district of Tongling city 铜陵市 , Anhui
12铜官山区 銅官山區 tóng guān shān Tong2 guan1 shan1 qu1Tongguanshan district of Tongling city 铜陵市 , Anhui
13铜管 銅管 tóng guǎntong2 guan3brass instrument (music)
14铜管乐器 銅管樂器 tóng guǎn yuè tong2 guan3 yue4 qi4brass instruments
15铜环 銅環 tóng huántong2 huan2brass ring; door knocker
16铜箭头 銅箭頭 tóng jiàn tóutong2 jian4 tou2bronze arrowhead
17铜匠 銅匠 tóng jiangtong2 jiang5coppersmith
18铜筋铁骨 銅筋鐵骨 tóng jīn tiě tong2 jin1 tie3 gu3strongly built (idiom)
19铜矿 銅礦 tóng kuàngtong2 kuang4copper mine; copper ore
20铜蓝鹟 銅藍鶲 tóng lán wēngtong2 lan2 weng1(bird species of China) verditer flycatcher (Eumyias thalassinus)
21铜梁 銅梁 tóng liángTong2 liang2Tongliang suburban county in Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
22铜梁县 銅梁縣 tóng liáng xiànTong2 liang2 xian4Tongliang suburban county in Chongqing municipality, formerly in Sichuan
23铜铃 銅鈴 tóng língtong2 ling2Tongling prefecture level city and county in Anhui; bell made of copper or bronze
24铜陵市 銅陵市 tóng líng shìTong2 ling2 shi4Tongling prefecture level city in Anhui
25铜陵县 銅陵縣 tóng líng xiànTong2 ling2 xian4Tongling county in Tongling, Anhui
26铜锣 銅鑼 tóng luóTong2 luo2gong; Tongluo or Tunglo township in Miaoli county 苗栗县 , northwest Taiwan
27铜锣烧 銅鑼燒 tóng luó shāotong2 luo2 shao1dorayaki (a Japanese confection)
28铜锣湾 銅鑼灣 tóng luó wānTong2 luo2 Wan1Causeway Bay
29铜锣乡 銅鑼鄉 tóng luó xiāngTong2 luo2 xiang1Tongluo or Tunglo township in Miaoli county 苗栗县 , northwest Taiwan
30铜牌 銅牌 tóng páitong2 pai2bronze medal; bronze plaque bearing a business name or logo etc; Classifiers:
31铜器 銅器 tóng tong2 qi4copper ware; bronze ware
32铜墙铁壁 銅牆鐵壁 tóng qiáng tiě tong2 qiang2 tie3 bi4copper wall, iron bastion (idiom); impenetrable defense
33铜仁 銅仁 tóng rénTong2 ren2Tongren city and prefecture in Guizhou
34铜仁地区 銅仁地區 tóng rén Tong2 ren2 di4 qu1Tongren prefecture in Guizhou
35铜仁市 銅仁市 tóng rén shìTong2 ren2 shi4Tongren city, capital of Tongren prefecture, Guizhou
36铜山 銅山 tóng shānTong2 shan1Tongshan county in Xuzhou 徐州 , Jiangsu
37铜山铁壁 銅山鐵壁 tóng shān tiě tong2 shan1 tie3 bi4impregnable bastion (idiom)
38铜山县 銅山縣 tóng shān xiànTong2 shan1 xian4Tongshan county in Xuzhou 徐州 , Jiangsu
39铜头铁额 銅頭鐵額 tóng tóu tiě étong2 tou2 tie3 e2audacious; fearless; intrepid (idiom)
40铜驼荆棘 銅駝荊棘 tóng tuó jīng tong2 tuo2 jing1 ji2devastation of palaces as a result of war (idiom)
41铜像 銅像 tóng xiàngtong2 xiang4bronze statue; Classifiers:

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