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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 bàobao4to hold; to carry (in one's arms); to hug; to embrace; to surround; to cherish
2抱怨 bào yuànbao4 yuan4to complain; to grumble; to harbor a complaint; to feel dissatisfied
3抱歉 bào qiànbao4 qian4to be sorry; to feel apologetic; sorry!
4抱抱 bào bàobao4 bao4to hug; to embrace
5抱抱团 抱抱團 bào bào tuánbao4 bao4 tuan2Free Hugs Campaign
6抱抱装 抱抱裝 bào bào zhuāngbao4 bao4 zhuang1"hug shirt" worn by members of the Free Hugs Campaign (see 包包团 )
7抱臂 bào bao4 bi4to cross one's arms
8抱病 bào bìngbao4 bing4to be ill; to be in bad health
9抱不平 bào píngbao4 bu4 ping2to be outraged by an injustice
10抱残守缺 抱殘守缺 bào cán shǒu quēbao4 can2 shou3 que1to cherish the outmoded and preserve the outworn (idiom); conservative; stickler for tradition
11抱成一团 抱成一團 bào chéng tuánbao4 cheng2 yi1 tuan2to band together; to gang up; to stick together
12抱持 bào chíbao4 chi2to hold (expectations, hopes etc); to maintain (an attitude etc); to harbor (doubts etc); to clinch (boxing)
13抱粗腿 bào tuǐbao4 cu1 tui3to latch on to the rich and powerful
14抱打不平 bào píngbao4 da3 bu4 ping2see 打抱不平
15抱大腿 bào tuǐbao4 da4 tui3(coll.) to cling to sb influential or famous
16抱定 bào dìngbao4 ding4to hold on firmly; to cling (to a belief); stubbornly
17抱犊崮 抱犢崮 bào Bao4 du2 gu4Mt Baodu in Cangshan county 苍山县 , south Shandong
18抱佛脚 抱佛腳 bào jiǎobao4 fo2 jiao3lit. to clasp the Buddha's feet (without ever having burned incense) (idiom); fig. to profess devotion only when in trouble; panic measures in place of timely preparation
19抱负 抱負 bào bao4 fu4aspiration; ambition
20抱负不凡 抱負不凡 bào fu fánbao4 fu5 bu4 fan2to have extraordinary aspirations (idiom)
21抱孩子 bào hái zibao4 hai2 zi5to hold the baby in one's arms
22抱恨 bào hènbao4 hen4to have a gnawing regret
23抱恨终天 抱恨終天 bào hèn zhōng tiānbao4 hen4 zhong1 tian1to regret sth. to the end of one's life (idiom)
24抱愧 bào kuìbao4 kui4feel ashamed
25抱朴子 抱樸子 bào Bao4 pu3 zi3Baopuzi, collection of essays by Ge Hong 葛洪 on alchemy, immortality, legalism, society etc
26抱屈 bào bao4 qu1feel wronged
27抱拳 bào quánbao4 quan2to cup one fist in the other hand (as a sign of respect)
28抱首而遁 bào shǒu ér dùnbao4 shou3 er2 dun4to hide one's face and retreat (idiom)
29抱摔 bào shuāibao4 shuai1body slam (wrestling move)
30抱头 抱頭 bào tóubao4 tou2to put one's hands behind one's head, fingers interlaced; to hold one's head in one's hands (in dismay, fright etc); to cover one's head with one's hands (for protection)
31抱头鼠蹿 抱頭鼠躥 bào tóu shǔ cuānbao4 tou2 shu3 cuan1to cover one's head and sneak away like a rat (idiom); to flee ignominiously; also written 抱头鼠窜
32抱头鼠窜 抱頭鼠竄 bào tóu shǔ cuànbao4 tou2 shu3 cuan4to cover one's head and sneak away like a rat (idiom); to flee ignominiously
33抱头痛哭 抱頭痛哭 bào tóu tòng bao4 tou2 tong4 ku1to weep disconsolately; to cry on each other's shoulder
34抱窝 抱窩 bào bao4 wo1(coll.) to incubate; to brood
35抱膝而坐 bào ér zuòbao4 xi1 er2 zuo4to sit with one's arms around one's knees (idiom)
36抱薪救火 bào xīn jiù huǒbao4 xin1 jiu4 huo3lit. to carry firewood to put out a fire (idiom); fig. to make a problem worse by inappropriate action
37抱养 抱養 bào yǎngbao4 yang3adopt (a child)
38抱有 bào yǒubao4 you3have; possess
39抱有成见 抱有成見 bào yǒu chéng jiànbao4 you3 cheng2 jian4to harbor prejudice (idiom)
40抱枕 bào zhěnbao4 zhen3bolster; a long pillow or cushion

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