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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 zhǎozhao3to try to find; to look for; to call on sb; to find; to seek; to return; to give change
2找到 zhǎo dàozhao3 dao4to find
3找出 zhǎo chūzhao3 chu1to find; to search out
4找着 找著 zhǎo zháozhao3 zhao2to find
5找寻 找尋 zhǎo xúnzhao3 xun2to look for; to seek; to find fault
6找遍 zhǎo biànzhao3 bian4to search everywhere; to search high and low; to comb
7找不自在 zhǎo zaizhao3 bu4 zi4 zai5to ask for trouble; to bring misfortune on oneself
8找补 找補 zhǎo buzhao3 bu5to compensate; to make up; to complement; to add
9找不到 zhǎo bu dàozhao3 bu5 dao4can't find
10找不着 找不著 zhǎo bu zháozhao3 bu5 zhao2to be unable to find
11找不着北 找不著北 zhǎo bu zháo běizhao3 bu5 zhao2 bei3to be confused and disoriented
12找碴 zhǎo cházhao3 cha2to pick fault with; to spot the differences; to nitpick; to pick a quarrel; to find complaint with; variant of 找茬
13找碴儿 找碴兒 zhǎo chá rzhao3 cha2 r5to pick a quarrel; to find fault; nitpicking
14找岔子 zhǎo chà zizhao3 cha4 zi5to look for blemishes; to find fault; nitpicking
15找抽 zhǎo chōuzhao3 chou1(coll.) to look for trouble
16找刺儿 找刺兒 zhǎo rzhao3 ci4 r5to find fault
17找对象 找對象 zhǎo duì xiàngzhao3 dui4 xiang4to seek a marriage partner; looking for a mate
18找饭碗 找飯碗 zhǎo fàn wǎnzhao3 fan4 wan3to look for a job
19找回 zhǎo huízhao3 hui2to retrieve
20找机会 找機會 zhǎo huìzhao3 ji1 hui4to look for an opportunity
21找见 找見 zhǎo jiànzhao3 jian4to find (sth one has been looking for)
22找借口 zhǎo jiè kǒuzhao3 jie4 kou3to look for a pretext
23找零 zhǎo língzhao3 ling2to give change; change money
24找麻烦 找麻煩 zhǎo fanzhao3 ma2 fan5to look for trouble
25找门路 找門路 zhǎo mén zhao3 men2 lu4to seek help from social connections
26找平 zhǎo píngzhao3 ping2to level (ground); to make level
27找齐 找齊 zhǎo zhao3 qi2to make uniform; to even up; to make good a deficiency
28找钱 找錢 zhǎo qiánzhao3 qian2to give change
29找上门 找上門 zhǎo shàng ménzhao3 shang4 men2to come to sb's door; to call on sb
30找事 zhǎo shìzhao3 shi4to look for employment; to pick a quarrel
31找赎 找贖 zhǎo shúzhao3 shu2(dialect) to give change
32找死 zhǎo zhao3 si3to court death; taking risks
33找台阶儿 找台階兒 zhǎo tái jiē rzhao3 tai2 jie1 r5to find an excuse; to look for a pretext
34找头 找頭 zhǎo touzhao3 tou5change (from money paid)
35找辙 找轍 zhǎo zhézhao3 zhe2to look for a pretext

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