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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1 huòhuo4maybe; perhaps; might; possibly; or
2或者 huò zhěhuo4 zhe3or; possibly; maybe; perhaps
3或是 huò shìhuo4 shi4or; either one or the other
4或许 或許 huò huo4 xu3perhaps; maybe
5或多或少 huò duō huò shǎohuo4 duo1 huo4 shao3more or less
6或称 或稱 huò chēnghuo4 cheng1also called; also known as; a.k.a.
7或此或彼 huò huò huo4 ci3 huo4 bi3either this or that (idiom)
8或门 或門 huò ménhuo4 men2OR gate (electronics)
9或然 huò ránhuo4 ran2probable
10或然率 huò rán huo4 ran2 lu:4probability (math.)
11或体 或體 huò huo4 ti3variant Chinese character; alternative form of a Chinese character
12或有负债 或有負債 huò yǒu zhàihuo4 you3 fu4 zhai4contingent liability (accounting) (idiom)
13或将 或將 huò jiānghuo4 jiang1will perhaps; may (in the future)
14或缺 huò quēhuo4 que1to lack; to do without

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