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IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
IDChineseTrad.PinyinPlainPYEnglish Definition
1别人 別人 bié renbie2 ren5other people; others; other person
2 biéBie2to leave; to depart; to separate; to distinguish; to classify; other; another; do not; must not; to pin; to stick (sth) in; surname Bie
3别的 別的 bié debie2 de5else; other
4别处 別處 bié chùbie2 chu4elsewhere
5别墅 別墅 bié shùbie2 shu4villa; Classifiers:
6别致 別致 bié zhìbie2 zhi4unusual; unique; variant of 别致
7别称 別稱 bié chēngbie2 cheng1another name; alternative name
8别出机杼 別出機杼 bié chū zhùbie2 chu1 ji1 zhu4distinctive; to find some other way; to be original in conception (idiom)
9别出心裁 別出心裁 bié chū xīn cáibie2 chu1 xin1 cai2to hit on sth new (idiom); to display originality; to adopt an original approach
10别动队 別動隊 bié dòng duìbie2 dong4 dui4special detachment; commando; an armed secret agent squad
11别管 別管 bié guǎnbie2 guan3no matter (who, what etc)
12别号 別號 bié hàobie2 hao4alias
13别赫捷列夫 別赫捷列夫 bié jié liè Bie2 he4 jie2 lie4 fu1Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev (1857-1927), Russian neurologist and psychiatrist
14别具 別具 bié bie2 ju4see 独具
15别具慧心 別具慧心 bié huì xīnbie2 ju4 hui4 xin1to have some special insight (idiom)
16别具慧眼 別具慧眼 bié huì yǎnbie2 ju4 hui4 yan3to have distinctive insight (idiom)
17别具一格 別具一格 bié bie2 ju4 yi1 ge2having a unique or distinctive style
18别具只眼 別具隻眼 bié zhī yǎnbie2 ju4 zhi1 yan3see 独具只眼
19别开生面 別開生面 bié kāi shēng miànbie2 kai1 sheng1 mian4to start sth new or original (idiom); to break a new path; to break fresh ground
20别开蹊径 別開蹊徑 bié kāi jìngbie2 kai1 xi1 jing4to develop one's own style (idiom)
21别克 別克 bié Bie2 ke4Buick
22别客气 別客氣 bié qibie2 ke4 qi5don't mention it; no formalities, please
23别来无恙 別來無恙 bié lái yàngbie2 lai2 wu2 yang4(literary) I trust you have been well since we last met
24别离 別離 bié bie2 li2to take leave of; to leave; separation
25别理 別理 bié bie2 li3don't get involved; ignore it!; don't have anything to do with (him, her etc); don't speak to
26别脸 別臉 bié liǎnbie2 lian3to turn one's face away
27别论 別論 bié lùnbie2 lun4a different matter; another story; (old) objection
28别名 別名 bié míngbie2 ming2alias; alternative name
29别饶情味 別饒情味 bié ráo qíng wèibie2 rao2 qing2 wei4to have distinctive flavor or impact (idiom)
30别树一旗 別樹一旗 bié shù bie2 shu4 yi1 qi2lit. to fly one's banner on a solitary tree (idiom); fig. to act as a loner; to stand out; to develop one's own school; to have attitude of one's own
31别树一帜 別樹一幟 bié shù zhìbie2 shu4 yi1 zhi4lit. to fly one's banner on a solitary tree (idiom); fig. to act as a loner; to stand out; to develop one's own school; to have attitude of one's own
32别太客气 別太客氣 bié tài qibie2 tai4 ke4 qi5lit. no excessive politeness; Don't mention it!; You're welcome!; Please don't stand on ceremony.
33别提了 別提了 bié lebie2 ti2 le5say no more; don't bring it up; drop the subject
34别无 別無 bié bie2 wu2to have no other... (used in fixed expressions)
35别无二致 別無二致 bié èr zhìbie2 wu2 er4 zhi4identical (idiom)
36别无所有 別無所有 bié suǒ yǒubie2 wu2 suo3 you3to have no other possessions (idiom)
37别无他法 別無他法 bié bie2 wu2 ta1 fa3no other way (idiom)|||; there is no alternative
38别无他人 別無他人 bié rénbie2 wu2 ta1 ren2nobody else (idiom)
39别无他物 別無他物 bié bie2 wu2 ta1 wu4nothing else
40别无他用 別無他用 bié yòngbie2 wu2 ta1 yong4to have no other use or purpose (idiom)
41别无选择 別無選擇 bié xuǎn bie2 wu2 xuan3 ze2to have no other choice
42别绪 別緒 bié bie2 xu4emotions at time of parting
43别筵 別筵 bié yánbie2 yan2farewell banquet
44别样 別樣 bié yàngbie2 yang4different kind of; another sort of; special; unusual
45别有 別有 bié yǒubie2 you3to have other...; to have a special ...
46别有洞天 別有洞天 bié yǒu dòng tiānbie2 you3 dong4 tian1place of charm and beauty; scenery of exceptional charm; completely different world
47别有风味 別有風味 bié yǒu fēng wèibie2 you3 feng1 wei4to have a distinctive flavor (idiom)
48别有企图 別有企圖 bié yǒu bie2 you3 qi3 tu2to have other plans in mind (idiom)
49别有天地 別有天地 bié yǒu tiān bie2 you3 tian1 di4enchanting scenery; beautiful surroundings; world of its own
50别有用心 別有用心 bié yǒu yòng xīnbie2 you3 yong4 xin1to have an ulterior motive (idiom)
51别有韵味 別有韻味 bié yǒu yùn wèibie2 you3 yun4 wei4to have quite a lasting charm
52别着急 別著急 bié zháo bie2 zhao2 ji2Don't worry!
53别针 別針 bié zhēnbie2 zhen1pin; safety pin; clip; brooch; Classifiers:
54别传 別傳 bié zhuànbie2 zhuan4supplementary biography
55别庄 別莊 bié zhuāngbie2 zhuang1villa
56别字 別字 bié bie2 zi4mispronounced or wrongly written character
57别子 別子 bié zibie2 zi5hasp; pendant
58别无长物 別無長物 bié cháng bie2 wu2 chang2 wu4to possess nothing except bare necessities; to live a poor or frugal life

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