Books written by "Xu Xin"

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Translation of Chinese English Personal Name and Address Name
ISBN: 9787564136086 | Publisher: Southeast University Press | Published on 07/2012
在翻译实践中,我们往往遇到人名、地名的翻译问题,包括中国人名、地名的英译与西方人名、地名的汉译。《中英人名地名的特点与翻译》试图解决这些问题。本 书相当大一部分是本书作者们在长期学习中的积累,如中国地名的翻译、人名和地名的缩略形式等,所以,本书应该有其独到之处。本书由胡芳毅、熊欣主编。
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Chinese Synonyms Learning Manual (Advanced)
ISBN: 9787100218726 | Publisher: The Commercial Press | Published on 06/2023

Chinese Ancient Historical Figures Stories: Yuan Dynasty
ISBN: 7561914768, 9787561914762 | Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 07/2005

Stories of Chinese Historical Figures of Wei, Jin and South & North Dynasty
ISBN: 9787561914731 | Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 08/2005
As reading materials outside class, this Stories of Chinese Historical Figures Series is intended to the readers who have mastered a vocabulary of...
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Looking for Mom
ISBN: 9787511014825 | Publisher: Dolphin Book | Published on 03/2015
Mother Hen helped Mother Duck incubate eggs. After the babies hatched out, Mother Hen took both chicks and ducklings to play outside. Chicks could...

High Speed Railway Stations and Lines
ISBN: 9787222201569 | Publisher: Yunnan People's Publishing House | Published on 12/2021

Practical Foot Reflexotherapy
ISBN: 9787509130766,750913076X | Publisher: People's Military Medical Press | Published on 10/2009
In this book there are three chapters. Chapter 1 mainly focuseson basic theory of foot therapy including definition, mechanism,conventional...

Problem-solving of New HSK Writing (Level 6)
ISBN: 9787561933077 | Published on 07/2012
Level: Intermediate

The Art of Software Development
ISBN: 9787312039614 | Publisher: University of Science and Technology of China Press | Published on 08/2016
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Step by Step Chinese - Intermediate Intensive Chinese II
ISBN: 9787800529757 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press | Published on 07/2009
The Intermediate Intensive Chinese consists of 4 volumes. Each volume has 12 lessons. Altogether there are 48 lessons for one-year study. Every...