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China City Statistical Yearbook 2009

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Language: Chinese
Publication Date: 03/2010
ISBN: 9787503759079


"China's Cities Statistical Yearbook 2009" The Yearbook of the National or all of the cities involved in statistics, both at the end, including Hong Kong SAR, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province; the information listed in the "city" as the city's all administrative areas, including urban areas, suburbs, counties under municipal jurisdiction; "Urban area" includes urban, suburban, not including counties under municipal jurisdiction.
Need to explain the introduction of the 1997 level and above cities, county-level cities separate statistics, the county-level city, only some of the indicators and the cities above prefecture level, and consistent statistical indicator system, so the information in this yearbook is divided into ground level and the information above the city and county-level city statistics in two parts.
"China's Cities Statistical Yearbook 2009" apply to all levels of government administration, urban planning and design department, urban socio-economic research institutions, municipal construction and real estate agencies, all kinds of intermediary services and information advisory bodies and other units of the workers in the various tertiary institutions teachers and students to use. The yearbook is also the foreign investors, business people and those concerned about China's urban development an important reference.
"China's Cities Statistical Yearbook 2009," the editing and publishing, have been the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities Bureau of Statistics, National Bureau of Statistics of the investigation team, and municipal Bureau of Statistics and Investigation Team, as well as the assistance rendered by China Statistics Press, in which to express my sincere thanks to . As the heavy workload and tight schedule, and add the standard publishing limited, inappropriate, warmly welcome readers criticized the correction.

Table of Contents

1, 2008 city administrative divisions and Urban Development Overview
1-1 city administrative divisions and the regional distribution of 3
1-2 The People's Republic of China administrative divisions above the county level in 2008 to change the situation (in administrative divisions approved more time for order) 4
List of 1-3 urban municipality of 5
1-4 urban construction and development of socio-economic achievements remarkable 11
11 to 30 years of reform and opening up of China's economic and social development achievements in a series of reports
1-52008 socio-economic development of the Town Report 15
1-6 to establish the scientific development of China's urban Evaluation System 19
1-7 differences in the three northeastern provinces of regional economic development and sound regional economic coordination and interaction mechanisms of 27
1-82008 Yangtze River in Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan A Comparative Study of Economic Development 38
Second, in 2008 and above prefecture level city of statistical information
2-1 Population 49
2-2 Labor and Employment 57
2-3 by the three industrial units in the employment status of employees 65
2-4 units of the structure of employment of employees 73
2-5 unit of employees by industry group (1) 81
2-6 units of employees grouped by industry (2) 89
2-7 unit of employees by industry groups (3) 97
2-8 unit of employees by industry groups (4) 105
2-9 units grouped by industry employees (5) 113
2-10 units grouped by industry employees (6) 121
2-11 of land resources (1) 129
2.12 Land Resources (2) 137
2-13 overall economic (1) 145
2 1 14 Integrated Economy (2) 153
2.15 The main agricultural production (city) 161
2-16 per capita agricultural production (the city) 169
2 1 17 industrial output value 177
2-18 Number of industrial enterprises 185
2-19 above designated size industrial output grouping 193
2-20 of industrial enterprises above designated Finance (1) 201
2-21 of industrial enterprises above designated Finance (2) 209
2-22 investment in fixed assets 217
2-23 Business Economics 225
2 1 24 Foreign Direct Investment 233
2-25 Finance (city) 241
2-26 Finance (municipal districts) 249
2-27 Finance 257
2-28 wages 265
2-29 The number of schools 273
2-30 Number of full-time teachers, 281
2-31 number of students in school 289
2-32 Culture 297
2-33 Health 305
2-34 Transportation (city) (a) 313
2-35 Transportation (city) (2) 321
2-36 Posts 329
2-37 Communication 337
2-38 water and power supply (municipal districts) 345
2-39 city gas consumption (municipal districts) 353
2-40 City Road and Traffic (City Area) 361
2-41 of the environment (1) Environmental management investment (city) 369
2-42 State of the environment (2) Environmental Governance Key Indicators (city) 373
2-43 Environment (3) Waste disposal rate (the city) 381
2-44 of the environment (4) Urban Greening (Urban Area) 385
Third, information on county-level cities in 2008
3-1 Population 395
3-2 Labor and Employment 400
3-3 Land Resources 410
3-4 Comprehensive Economic 415
3-5 major agricultural production 425
3-6 to complete the amount of real estate development and investment 435
3-7 business trade 440
3-8 Education 450
3-9 health care services 460
3-10 wage levels 465
4, Appendix
Main Statistical Indicators 473
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